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  • Please tell us, what are the special difficulties that those children in Katanga and of the Batwa pygmy tribe face? Batwa Pygmies are an Indigenous group of hunter-gatherer forest-dwelling people.......

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Arthur Conrad Kisitu


Arthur C Kisitu is a ‘self-taught’ artist based in Uganda, whose work emphasizes story telling through pictures, movement and sound. In 2010, Exhibitor at the Rotterdam (Netherlands) Photo museum. The Kaddu Wasswa Archive was published, a project that he co-authored and collaborated on with Dutch photographer, Andrea Stultiens.


Arthur first visited Germany a few years ago, when he was at the Cologne University under the theme ”Embattled Spaces Contested Orders” as a presenter/exhibitor at the VAD center for African studies Cologne University. Following the interest and dialogue generated by the Katanga story in Cologne, a dialogue through the arts and cultural exchange was born. Arthur says: “Within Uganda, after many years of biased reporting, the main stream media started taking more interest in Katanga slum because of mywork.” (see link)



Monitor: – Reviews & Profiles | Candid: Katanga through the lens www.monitor.co.ug)


Julia Schell


Julia Schell, is a freelance journalist, translator and writer (www.juliaschell.com).
In 2013, I travelled to Uganda and visited Arthur Kisitu`s recycling and community project in Katanga slum. While helping to document and interview the locals with Arthur, I got a lot of insight into the way he uses visual arts to highlight the plight of the locals who live under the constant fear of being evicted by the local government. I reported about his work in Germany and the UK and we kept collaborating on editing the film, photo and sound footage that Arthur recorded in Kampala. Now that Arthur is in Germany, we work together to organise dance workshops and an exhibition here in Berlin. We set up this campaign to continue and further the exchange between children in Uganda and Germany.


Johanna Heuveling


Johanna Heuveling 
lives in Berlin and works as a biologist at the Humboldt University. She is active in “World without Wars and Violence”. As a journalist she is most interested in refugee politics, weapon trade, Africa, Arts and News from Sciences.