NdabaDance – The Project

NDABA DANCE is an extension of Peace Matters: an art driven platform that enhances intercultural dialogue with children at the heart of it. We use visual arts through pictures and movement to initiate and sustain this.

At a local level, we have a cultural exchange program between children in Katanga slum and their Pigmy counterparts in Kigezi (Kabale) Highlands, around Lake Bunyonyi. The first records of Batwa pygmies were made by the Egyptians over 4000 years ago. … Ancient Egyptian scripts credit them for their great ability in dance. We believe all children regardless of their background respond to rhythm instinctively. Through the Peace-Matter initiative we encourage this freedom


Outside of Uganda, our cultural exchange has been developing with childrens’ schools in Berlin. During the exchange dance workshop, the children in Berlin watch short documentaries on the day to day life of their Ugandan counterparts, with a question and answer session to help contextualise the information. We then have the actual learning of the traditional African dance steps fused with urban dance styles which are familiar to German children:

Growing Vegetables and Talents

Mirembe Vertical Gardens and Vocational center is an off shoot of MUKatanga , a registered community-based organization (CBO). Run by Arthur C. Kisitu and Dorah Nakidde for the advancement and well-being of young people and single mothers in the community.

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The cultural exchange for children in Uganda and Germany is intended for children friendships that might lead to further exchange activities like visits,
summercamps and more art exchanges. Our desire is to support a mentality of curiosity, understanding, and respect for the ideas of our children, and also the collaboration with other children.


Do you want to creatively contribute to this project with your organisation, school class, or friends? Do you want to know more about the project and the building up of a cultural exchange network between children/young people in Uganda and the overseas?


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Through dance we show solidarity and re-humanize those who are lost.


Through art we enhances intercultural dialogue with children at the heart of it.


Through music we learn about other cultures and traditions.


Through playing we want our children to meet different cultures and learn and share experiences.