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Performing arts have been hit hard by the Coronavirus. A big blow to those whose livelihoods depend on the arts.


The exclusive features of the live performing arts have made us susceptible to the restrictions imposed todate. The short-lived nature of our product, the multiplicity of performers and audiences in restricted spaces, the need for long-term planning for repertoire and performers to rehearse and perform it, the fact that many venues cannot be transformed to accommodate new restrictions; All the above combine to render live performance very difficult with social distancing.


We tried virtual performance online, to engage distant audiences but the cost of production was not sustainable.


Our founding goal of togetherness, to drive community through the shared experience, has become even more crucial in this strange era of self-isolation. In its ability to draw us together to listen and experience together, live music and dance performance are ever more important now to revive the soul of our community.


We know that even before the crisis of COVID-19, we artists were struggling to sustain ourselves financially.


COVID-19 has not created, but rather has magnified, the uncertain nature of creative work in our country.


We need help. Any help is welcome.



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Besides the bank, well wishers, donors can send the donation to my MTN mobile phone number. It’s faster, safer and more cost effective; through world remit.


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Creating from scrap is second nature to Katanga children, they see opportunity for playing and creating in the strangest of places. Out of the need to honor the creativity of Katanga’s children, I document the children’s daily life as they occupy this contested space. During the recent forceful eviction by the government many katanga residents lost property as their makeshift houses were demolished.

When it rains in the Katanga slum, thousands of abandoned bottles are washed down the valley’s poor drainage. Arthur C Kisitu, a creator and visual artist took interest in up cycling the glass bottles. His desire is to minimise the environmental damage on this former wetland, putting the glass bottles to good use.


At his self-styled jungle studio, from waste material Arthur paints the bottles with different themes of life, transforming them into lamps, and props that make up his multi-media art space. To sustain this venture, and the charity work he does, Arthur hopes to sell the bottle lamps to raise money to sustain himself, the documentary, and charity project for the disadvantaged children in Katanga slum. Items are made on order; for as little as 50 $.


You can also support by hosting a workshop or exhibition of the same works, in your neighbourhood or community. Also; worth noting, Arthur’s recycled wearable art was pre-selected for the International WOW fashion Award competition in New-Zealand. Unfortunately he can not afford to ship the costume that was pre-selected by the Judges. Any help in this regard would be welcome.


For any kind of support, contact us via the contact form below. Thank you!


Do you want to creatively contribute to this project with your organisation, school class, or friends? Do you want to know more about the project and the building up of a cultural exchange network between children/young people in Uganda and the overseas?

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