Through the ongoing intercultural exchange we seek to explore

Through the ongoing intercultural exchange we seek to explore; through sound, motion, and light; how those who are marginalised can actively get their story and voices heard. It is our hope that the connections we build during the exchange and performances will continue to inform and enrich the participants locally and globally.

While using music and dance for repairing relationships is central to our exchange, we are also seeking to revitalise a funding platform to raise money for school going children in our community of Mukatanga.

The positive stories resulting from the local exchange encouraged us to share this experience with children in other parts of the world, notably German. At their invitation, in Berlin we inspired a number of schools to participate in an exchange between their students and child immigrants who had arrived in Berlin in the recent migration crisis. The experience sparked a new sense of curiosity. Our vision is children focused; to empower them, and sustain their achievements .