The intercontinental children exchange

Although Katanga is thousands of miles from Berlin, never has there been a better time to host the ongoing online-based (Berlin Mu’Katanga) children inspired inter-continental dialogue.
Locally we are fortunate to live in a community where so many ethnicities are represented, giving Katanga children plenty of wonderful opportunities to learn and appreciate how different cultures live together from an early age.

To understand that no matter where we are, people really are essentially the same. Within Uganda, our kids in Katanga have been reaching out to other less advantaged kids in the Batwa community (off Lake Bunyonyi).

In the past they even hosted the Batwa kids for some days during our annual dance fest rehearsals.
Humans generally have the same emotions, desires, and concerns. Teaching this to the kids now can keep them from fostering prejudice and help them grow into thoughtful, open-minded adults.
Raising locally sensitive, globally aware kids, we can make a positive difference in their future.

Recently the kids exchanged recipes, to sample cuisine from each other’s countries; a delicious way to introduce kids to new cultures.
If you are following our activities, and would like to support;

We are looking to purchase an inflatable globe or a world map for our home. A large and colorful map that we shall frame and hang in our family room. When something globally newsworthy happens, the kids can go to the map and physically see that area of the world. This could allows them opportunities to ask questions, engage in discussion, and create more teachable moments for the inter-continental learning experience .

In addition we would like to purchase some recommended books on Culture, Race, and Disability
….as well as children movies, for our Friday movie night.

Monthly internet subscription, ground rent and 1 good weekly meal for each of 30 Katanga children on our regular program.
Kindly consider supporting us in this cause.